vacuum filters and pumps

The aspiration generated by the low vacuum pumps is the cause of the liquid / solid separation during the permanence of the product on cloth whether mobile or fixed.

  • Rubber belt vacuum filters, the cloth moves in unison with the belt. These filters work continuously with a vacuum efficiency of 100%
  • Trays vacuum filters, the movement of the cloth is produced by the drive, the union of together with the vacuum causes the trays to be displaced until the end of the lift, at this point a break must be created vacuum and reposition the trays to their point of origin. These filters are of continuous operation but due to their vacuum rupture the efficiency is around 90%.

In both types of filter can perform several effective washing of the cake.

  • In rotary vacuum drum filters the fabric is fixed on the latter and it is through the rotation that the product suction, filtering, cake washing and discharge cycles are completed. All this mounted on a tank with its agitated.

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